Kelly and Aaron have been training dogs for 19 years and are the owners/coaches of Rocket Relay Flyball Team. Through their hard work and training Rocket Relay is one of the fastest teams in the world and was the first team ever to break the 16 second barrier, running a 15.88 second time. Since then, they have set many regular class world records as well as multi class world record.

For years, Kelly and Aaron have traveled all across North America, and recently to London England, conducting seminars for various flyball teams. Helping thousands of handlers and dogs improve their techniques and their game. The Robbins seminars include the following:

Puppy Training
-picking out your puppy
-raising your puppy in the pet/flyball home
-start to finish of the full flyball course
-head to head racing

Problem Solving
-box problems
-exchanges/passing issues
-ball obsession
-tug toy motivation

Other Topics Covered
-team line ups
-tournament warm ups

Any problems that you may have that is not listed Aaron and Kelly will help you!!

For more information please contact Kelly or Aaron at:

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Or call us at (905) 336-7814


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