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Sabre Award

The Sabre Award is awarded to the team that finishes first in Multi 1 at Blast Off. The award is named after Chris Swan's Mal, Sabre who had to leave us way to early. In her short time, she made a name for herself and made Mals an essential part of any multi team. She helped Rocket Relay run the Multi Breed World Record at that time.

Here is a list of all the teams who have won the award since we created it in 2002:

2015 - On The Fly
2014 - Ruff Enuff
2013 - Ruff Enuff
2012 - Rocket Relay
2011 - Some Ruff Competition
2010 - Spring Loaded
2009 - Extreme Chaos
2007 - Spring Loaded
2006 - Spring Loaded
2005 - Spring Loaded
2004 - Spring Loaded
2003 - Spring Loaded
2002 - Spring Loaded

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