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The Radar Award is awarded to the dog that best displays Radar's heart, speed and overall just makes you take notice of that dog, just like Radar always did right to the end. Radar was the dog that changed the whole thinking around Border Collies. Before him it was smaller meant quicker and faster box turns but he changed all of that to bigger meant more power and over all more speed/faster times. You could not help but notice him in the ring, big red flashy Border Collie that ran 3.7 every heat back when 3.7 Border Collies were very rare. He helped Rocket Relay set many world records and helped them become the first team to break 15 seconds. He truly was one of a kind and is greatly missed by the team.

Here is a list of the dogs we have presented the award to since we created it in 2009:

2016 - Porsche (Border Collie - Zoom)
2015 - Boss (Border Collie - Instant Replay)
2014 - Raven (Belgian Malinois - Mass Chaos)
2013 - Dirty Girl (Border Collie - Back Draft)
2012 - Shyloh (Border Collie - Border Parol)
2011 - Jones (Border Collie - Fur Fun)
2010 - Shiva (Belgian Malinois - Ruff Enuff)
2009 - Nike (Mix - Hard Drive)

Radar Award Winner 2012 - Shyloh

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