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June 24, 2012

Great weekend at the Ready Set Go tournament in Napanee. They put on a great tournament and we can't wait to go back next year. We highly recommend you add it to your list of tournaments next year. Great venue, easy drive (if you don't hit Toronto traffic) and some of the best hospitality a team could possibily provide makes for a fun weekend. Our Regular team (Denial, Habit, Clutch and Feral) ran the table and went 10 wins, no losses. The Open team (Flirt, Gator, Opillio, Nancy and Tye) went 8 wins, 2 looses and finished second. Couple weekends with no tournaments and then we go to the Instant Replay tournament the third weekend of July. Lots of time to practise and get ready for that one. Should be an exciting weekend.

June 15, 2012

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new flyball training web site. It is the first of its kind to our knowledge and bring Aaron and Kelly right to your electronic device no matter where you are in the world. They cover everything, your puppies first lesson to problem solving even after it has started racing. Check it out at

June 10, 2012

The project is complete. We started rebuilding the A team 3 years ago with Pressure and it finally is finished, the A team is back on top with a new official NAFA Regular record of 15.093. First CanAm back in October and now this, the A team has come together better then we could have ever expected and we could not be happier with them. Hippie, Vixen, Method and Pressure were on fire this weekend and they broke the NAFA Regular record 2 times on Sunday. Pressure is finally back to 100% and ran better then we have ever seen him run with just ridiculous times off the clock for a Border Collie. Combine that with his son, Method, trying to out do his Dad on every run and it made for an awesome back half of our line up. These two had 3.6's coming off the clock at a consistent rate all while in a pass. Meg S and Hippie put on a show in lead and Vixen was her crazy typical shelf with just unbelievable times for a Malinois. All these dogs are young so it will be fun watching them run together for a while and see what they can do.

We would like to thank all the competitors who cheered us on and can not tell you how much we appreciate it. We can not describe how thankful we are for all your support and help while we chased the record. It's been a while since we have been able to say this, but we are so proud to say we are once again the NAFA regular record holders and could not have done it without all the Region 2 help we have received over the years.

The A team does not race again until the next Instant Replay tournament in July but that does not mean the work is complete, they will go right back to work at practice on Tuesday to try and work their way towards beating their own record. Some of us are heading out for some Region 20 hospitality in two weeks at the Ready Set Go tournament and we hope to see you there for what we have been told will be a very fun weekend.

June 3, 2012

What had been a good weekend hosting our 7th annual Summer Bash tournament ended with a real downer. One of RR’s great retired dogs crossed over the rainbow bridge within an hour after the tournament. Dave Dery’s Stormy was probably the most reliable and steady dog that has ever run on the team. Dave treated her like a god and she returned the love with giving him everything she had. Never our fastest dog but was still a very important piece of our history. She helped train many pups either at practice or being the dog they ran into at their first tournaments. She was that solid and consistent that no matter what we threw at her, she always ran clean regardless of what happened. We are very sad that she is gone but have many fond memories of her to last a long time.

As for our tournament, due to a scheduling conflict we could not use Ancaster like usual so we moved a few minutes down the road and used the Rockton Fair Grounds. It is a great venue for a one ring tournament one we may use again in the future. The weather was less than perfect but it did turn out better then the weather man forecasted and we managed to miss the rain storms but had to deal with cloudy and some small showers/drizzle a few times over the weekend. The dogs ran great and we placed with two of the four teams we entered. Kazumi got another tournament under her belt and continues to improve with every tournament. She is turning into one intense Sheltie, no barking and all business when she is in the lanes.

We go right back at it next weekend with the Instant Replay tournament in Caledonia. We are looking forward to this one and can not wait to see what the “A” team will do.

May 14, 2012

This past weekend we hosted the first of 4 summer tournaments. We got a very good turnout for it and had enough teams to go two rings which made for some very easy going days with 9 am starts. We could not have asked for better weather. With going two rings, it was very busy and we could not have done it without the help of a few very dedicated helpers. We would like to thank Holly Evans who came from Alaska to pick up her Denial/Derby puppy and offered to help out so we took her up on the offer and made her pit boss. She is used to tournaments with 4-6 teams in it but it only took her a couple races to get the hang of it and did a great job. Once again the Instant Replay girls Heather and Hannah did an outstanding job running our head tables. Peter Guidolin, Darla Cilic and of course Gord Bradley all did a great job as line and box judges. Peter and Josh Watson also helped out by giving the Dave’s some relief judging so they could take a break.

The dogs ran great this weekend. Kazumi ran in her second tournament and did awesome. She had a couple moments that had Kerry shaking her head but did very well for the most part. She even pulled a 4.6 off the clock, not bad for the Shelties first full time tournament. Sass also continues to do very well and ran a new best time. Dose got a full time spot as well and continues to look great. Unfortunately Method got hurt a few weeks back playing agility but we still wanted the “A” team to run so Vivid stepped up to the plate and showed us that she loves running with the A team. First race out they hit a 15.30 and continued that pace all weekend. The new Blue team line up looked very good and was running consistent 15’s.

We got a couple weeks off and then we host again on June 2-3 at the Rockton Fair Grounds. Hopefully we get the same good weather we had this weekend.

April 30, 2012

The racing season is in full swing now. Last weekend a couple of us headed to the Buffalo Wings tournament for a relaxing weekend with only one team in. A couple of The Ball Snatchers came with us as well. The main goal of the weekend was to have some fun and get the pups another weekend of racing under them. Opillio ran great and shared the start spot with one of our Bustin/Prime pups on The Ball Snatchers, Addiction. Addy continues to run amazing and did awesome. Tye and Feral also got back into our line ups as they took a break from helping out our friends on Zoom and Acme and ran as steady as we always expect them to. Despite the cold and wet weather which has become the tradition for this tournament, it was a great time and the long breaks between races was a very nice change.

This past weekend we were at the Border Patrol tournament. Although the days were long with early starts, the dogs ran great and we are very pleased with the results. It is still early in the season so we are still working on the line ups but the pups/green dogs ran great. The “A” team got into their first tournament on the season and looks to be heading right back to where they left off at the end of last year. Kazumi made her debut and even got into a few races towards the end of the day on Sunday. Kerry was so happy and she even gave us her “winner” pose. We could not be happier for her, Kerry has worked so hard in learning the sport and has put a ton of work into Kazu which has paid off. She continues to learn the sport running Drama and as Drama tends to do when you’re not paying attention, she regripped the tug toy and got Kerry’s hand by accident. Kerry’s reaction was priceless and one we will have fun with for a long time. Dose also got into another tournament and did great. She is running times that we are very pleased with and we could not be happier with. She will be a very valuable asset to the club once she gets a few more tournaments under her.

So despite a few minor injuries, burnt pads, and the cold mornings, it was a very good weekend and we look forward to hosting our tournament in two weeks at the Caledonia Fair Grounds.

April 12, 2012

SRC continued what has become the Easter tradition in our Region and once again hosted a tournament over the Easter weekend. The "A" team sat this one out but they will be ready to go for the Border Patrol tournament at the end of the month. The main focus of this one was to get the green dogs and pups going plus get the experienced dogs back into tournaments after the winter lay off. Clutch continues to amaze us and is really going beyond expectations. His litter mate Opillio did awesome as well and will be a very valuable height dog once she gets a few more tournaments under her belt. Sass is turning into a very steady and reliable while her and Mike learn the sport. Dose made her debuted and looked awesome, we are very excited to see how she turns out. Wayne continues to handle everything we throw at him and is doing a great job running Payne. We are also very happy to announce we have a new junior handler running a dog, Ron's daughter Ashley ran Motive for the very first time in a tournament and did very well. The smile on her face was priceless, she was so proud of her dog.

Jamone continues to recover from his ruptured disc but it has not gone as well as we had hoped. He made a ton of progress during a 10 day span but has not really shown any progress since then. He can get himself from point A to point B, although rather unsteady at times, but he definitely is done racing. We were thinking he may make a full recovery there for a while but that clearly is probably not going to happen. So he will be just chillin out at home and working on getting back to normal so that he can at least do all the other, low impact, fun stuff all our dogs get to do on a daily basis at home when not playing flyball.

We are heading to the Buffalo Wings tournament in Hamburg, NY in two weeks which is always a great time. Very easy drive for us and the venue is great so we can't wait for that. Then we got BP the next weekend, the Ontario racing season is in full swing now and it goes pretty steady right through to November.

March 5, 2012

We headed to Brampton for 2 one day Unleashed tournaments this weekend and it was well worth the drive. It was all about the pups/green dogs this weekend and they did not disappoint. Opillio and Sass shared a spot on Saturday. Sass did awesome in only her second tournament. Opillio loves running with Ollie in her line up and it showed, she finally showed us what we knew she could do all along and ran great. Ollie was back in action after a few tournaments off and that time off did not hurt him as he jumped right back into the line up and took the times off the clock that we are used to seeing from him. Wayne continues to do well learning the sport and handled Ghetto in a pass for the first time.

Clutch took over the start position on Sunday and continues to impress us every time he runs. He is turning into a very reliable and steady dog that will be a very valuable asset to one of our faster teams. Kerry attended her third tournament with us and ran Elektra again. She is picking it up very fast and is getting excited since Kazumi is doing well in her training and will be ready to race later this summer.

We added a new pup to the team as well this weekend. Aaron got a Whippet puppy so we are very excited to see how it turns out. Combine that one with the Witness/Dragon pups that will be going to their homes in two weeks time and we will have lots of puppies to keep us busy this year.

Now for some bad news, Jamone is most likely done racing forever. A couple weeks ago at practice, he ruptured a disc in his back and it hit the spine which caused a stroke. It was looking really bad there for a week or so but with some intense care and rehab, it looks like he will be able to walk again one day and will be spending the rest of his days chilling out on his sofa at home regardless of how his recovery goes. He is a huge loss to our team since he was a very key part of our Multi team. Jamone was our clubs first Whippet and he did not disappoint. So as much as we are sad that he is done racing, we are very happy to hear he will be able to live a close to normal life once his recovery is complete.

We got a month off and then we head to the SRC Easter Weekend tournament in Rockton.

January 25, 2012

We spent the weekend at the Ancaster Fair Grounds for the Instant Replay tournament. We are very thankful to them for hosting this winter since there really is nothing else other than a weekend of one day tournaments at the beginning of March. You can only do so much in practice and let’s face it, tournaments are much more fun than practice. The “A” team picked right up where they left off in December at the 2FFU tournament and hit many 15.3’s. The warm winter has been very welcomed by us since we have been able to keep the dogs in racing condition and it showed all weekend. The “Blue” team managed to take first place in Regular 1. The “Red” and “Silver” teams set new best times.

Clutch continues to look awesome and is so close to running 3.7 already. Opillio ran in her second tournament and continues to look good. She got into almost every race for a couple heats and got better with everyone. We were also very happy to see that all of our “winter projects” with some of our dogs are looking very successful. We got a few weeks off and then we head to the Unleashed one day tournaments during the first weekend in March.

December 12, 2011

This past weekend we loaded up the vans and headed to Farmington, New York for a little Region 13 fun at the 2 Fast Fur U tournament. It was the first time they have hosted and did a great job. The venue (Boomtowne Canine Campus) was beautiful and is just an awesome facility. We love going to Region 13, they are so welcoming and all the little extra touches are always appreciated.

We took 3 teams so it was a nice change of pace from what we are used to. The “A” team got off to a rough start on Saturday and the dogs just did not feel like running. A good night’s rest and they came out flying on Sunday and ran the best that team has ever run throughout a whole day. They set a new best time again with a 15.23. They hit three 15.2’s and many 15.3’s on Sunday. It was so much fun to race there, everyone came to ring side to watch them race and was cheering for us. It was an awesome feeling and we are so honoured to receive that much support. We really can not thank you all enough!! We are so happy with the new A line up, it has only had 4 tournaments together and we are so excited for next year. They keep running a new best time every tournament they run.

We debut 2 dogs this weekend as well. Mike finally has a dog of his own to run after running other people’s dogs while Sass has been in training. She did great in warm ups so we put her in and she ran awesome for her first tournament. Mike had the biggest smile on his face for the rest of the weekend, he was so proud of her. Opillio also debut and after a couple warm ups, she even managed to get focused and run in 3 races on the Blue team. She will be a very valuable asset to the team as it will give us another height dog for next year.

Another racing year is done, we have a few weeks off to enjoy the holiday season before the Instant Replay tournament in January. It has been an unbelievable year for our team, almost every team ran a new best time and who can forget CanAm. As always, we appreciate all the support and look forward to seeing everyone again in the New Year.

November 8, 2011

Another tournament successfully hosted. Saturday was a long one with 96 races but everyone’s awesome attitudes and making sure they were ready to go made it go by faster then expected and we got done a but earlier then we should have. Our Judges, Dave Dery, Melissa Taliana and Peter Guidolin, did a great job all weekend!

As of our teams, we ran the “A” and “Bronze”. “A” came oh so close to breaking the NAFA record many times but just could not do it. The team is coming together nicely and we are very excited to see what they are capable of next year once they have run together for a few more tournaments. Plus the oldest dog on the team is 4 years old so they will run together for a long time. The Bronze team managed to take second in the Multi division. Clutch continues to do great and has become a consistent 3.8 dog in only his third tournament. Bazynga ran in his first tournament and even got into a few heats. He did great in warm ups but had a few issues in his first couple races but got it all together by the last race on Sunday and ran a few clean heats.

We may be heading to a region 13 tournament next month but if not, our racing year is done until March. It has been one of the best years we have ever had. We had the 15.30 with “Multi A” and our “A” team continues to run a new best time every time they race. We had many puppies move into the line ups this year and all have exceeded expectations. The Pressure/Meadow litter has just blown us away and we could not be happier with them. Method took more 3.6 off the clock in a pass this weekend. And how can we forget about CanAm, we still can not believe we swept it and won both Regular and Multi Championships. By far a year we will never forget. But it is time to go back into practise mode for the next 5 months to get all the puppies and green dogs ready for next year. We will also fine tune our line ups to try and run all new best times for every single team again next year. All but two of our teams ran new best times this year. The Bronze team blew their best time out of the water and took a full second off of it. Taz the Chihuahua continues to make us laugh every time we see his times, we are so determined to get him into the 4 second range in a pass. He is so close! Who would have ever thought a Chi that small could run that fast? He most certainly has made a name for himself in his first year of racing.

October 11, 2011

Wow what a weekend. Even we can not believe it since there was so many tough and outstanding teams there. We headed back down to Indianapolis for the 2011 NAFA CanAm Championships. Unlike previous years, this time we went with the whole army and only 4 members were not able to come with us so we were 20 people strong. Every single one of them helped out and did what was needed to be done regardless if they had a dog running or not. We all show up to support the team regardless if it was the A team or the Bronze team and that awesome team attitude paid off because at the end of the weekend we were the 2011 NAFA CanAm Multi and Regular Champions!!! The first time a club has swept CanAm and the first time a club has defended their Championship (Multi) from the previous year. Another first was the fact that we had both Multi teams in the final race.

Most would think we would have the Multi B team roll over for the Multi A team but that is not how we roll. We can honestly say the whole club wanted the B team to win it since they had to go through an extremely tough race in the Semi finals versus X Flyball. X has some very talented dogs and is an awesome team so we knew B would have to nail everything to beat them. They managed to take them to the fifth heat and beat them flat out. We were so happy with this win and will be our fondest memory of this year CanAm. So it was on to the finals since the A was able to get past one of the up and comers in the Multi division, Revolution Flyball, who was side by side with us until the anchor dogs. The club all rallied around the B team in hopes that Rylee could finally win her Multi Championship that she unfortunately missed out on last year due to Baliztik coming into heat the week before CanAm. We all agreed that it would be a fair all out race with no favours to either side. Everyone wanted to help the B so the A side was bare, with just their handlers, line caller and box loader. The competitive nature of the club also had it as an Aaron versus Kelly race since Aaron was running Prime on the B and Kelly was running Jamone on the A. The B managed to take the A to 5 heats but just did not have enough speed to beat A. Obviously we were so happy and proud to win Multi but I think we can all say, deep down we wanted the B to win it for Rylee. Our A team was Payne (Aaron), Hoochie (Meghan S), Witness (Ron) and Jamone (Kelly) with Hippie and Vixen backing them up. The B was Icon (Kelly), Meadow (Aaron), Vivid (Britt C) and Baliztik (Rylee) with Prime and Method backing up.

The A team was finally able to win Regular but it most certainly was not easy and people will remember the final race for years. In the Semi finals they were given a good run by a club that keeps getting faster every year, Fur Fun. We managed to take the win and moved into the finals versus our best friends Instant Replay. We have dreamed of this final for 3 years since our dogs run so well against each other and although we are best friends, we both wanted bragging rights for all those week long camping trips we go on together through out the summers. This race was just unbelievable with the first heat having two flags on each side. Pressure had done so well all weekend and decided in that heat to start spitting his ball which brought back bad memories since he did the same thing last year in the finals but luckily it only lasted that one heat this year. So the second heat starts and it almost all clicked, Angela nailed the start, Britt V and Kelly nailed their passes, then Aaron was a bit late but the times for the first three were outstanding and you could hear the excitement build in the venue, Press slipped on the box but managed to recover quickly and ran clean. We all waited with great anticipation to see the time and finally it came, 15.29!!!! A new personal best for the A team. We split the next two heats and it all came down to one heat, one heat that will be talked about forever. Both start handlers nailed their starts and it was even all the way through the line ups. As Pressure and Quest came off the box the place started going crazy, they both run clean and we all waited for the judge to stop the lights….it was a tie! Since we had the fastest time in the race, we were the CanAm Regular Champions!!! Although it will never be recognized this way, we honestly and truly consider ourselves sharing it with Instant Replay and if it was not for a rule preventing any more then 5 heats being run, there would have been a 6th heat that either one of us could have won. We are so proud of finally winning the Regular Championship and honestly could not be happier. It means so much to us that a few team members were actually crying, they were that happy. Brittney V did not put that trophy down for over an hour and was so disappointed she could not take it home so we got one last picture with her giving it a huge hug which can be seen in our Gallery page. Vixen ran the best she ever has and took absolutely ridiculous times off the clock all weekend. Method (Pressure/Meadow) picked an awesome time to show us what we all knew he could do and ran just as well, possibly even better, as his Dad (Pressure). He took a 3.6 off the clock on the 15.29 run in only his second tournament in a pass. For a young dog in only his 7th tournament, this pup has surpassed anything we could have ever imagined for him and we could not be happier with him.

We had 4 other teams at CanAm that went into the Classic tournament on Sunday. The Blue team entered the Classic tournament in Regular 1 and tried to repeat as the Regular 1 Classic champions. Racing a very fast Omaha Speed Racers derailed those plans. The girls on OSR have an awesome team and were able to beat us so that took us out of the running for that but we are so happy to see our friends on OSR win it. And of course we took the Chihuahua’s to CanAm but the Bronze team just did not have enough speed to beat some of those Regular 3 Classic teams although Tazy tried his hardest and impressed so many people along the way when they seen him single stride and take low 5 second times off the clock in a pass. Despite the line ups running so well, the Bronze and Rumors teams were just in really tight divisions and could not get to the finals. Rumors managed to get into Regular 1 as well which we are very proud of.

So that was our 2011 CanAm experience in the lanes. We are extremely happy and proud of our results this past weekend. This weekend was a product of a lot of team work and dedication from every single one of our members throughout the past year. We would like to thank all of our supporters at the event, we heard you and that made us feel so good knowing we had you all behind us, we really do appreciate it!!! We also want to give a shout out to all our supporters that watched online, we were told how many of you were cheering for us and we really do appreciate it. We specifically want to thank all the Region 2 Clubs who wished us well and supported us through out the weekend and past year, we could not have done this without all your support and share this honour with all of you. We would also like to thank NAFA for putting on such an incredible event and feel honoured to have been given the chance to compete in the best tournament in the world. We are taking a week off and then we go right back at it to get ready for next year, the expectations are high now and we do not want to let our friends and supporters down. But first we have to get ready to host our Fall tournament in 4 weeks which is always a great way to end the Region 2 racing year.

August 21, 2011

Wow, what a weekend. We went to Some Ruff Competition’s tournament this weekend to see what the new Multi A line up could do and after the dogs taking most of Saturday to get comfortable with each other they came out on fire in their first race on Sunday and run a new unofficial (at this time) NAFA Multi breed world record with a 15.308. This is the fastest Multi time ever run in the world and they had lots of room to spare. It continued on from there and in total they would have broken the current world record 4 times on Sunday but there was a spit ball on the other runs. They also had a few runs that tied the world record with some very late passing and/or starts. We are so proud of our Multi A team and the dogs ran absolutely outstanding this weekend. The future looks bright since they are all young dogs and will be together for a few years. The line up was Hippie (10”), Vixen, Jamone and Pressure.

The Blue team and Green team ran great as well and took first place in their divisions. Enzo and DriveBy (Pressure/Meadow pups) ran awesome and set new personal bests. All those pups have run 3.8 or better now. Multi B unfortunately had to go exhibition on Sunday after running into a few injuries but it is nothing serious and they will be good to go at the Ball Snatchers tournament in a few weeks at the Rockton Fair Grounds. We know what our home work is between now and then and are so excited to race these dogs again at the BS tournament.

August 16, 2011

Our 16th Annual Blast Off tournament is over and what an experience it was. So many teams and dogs were hitting personal bests all weekend that it just goes to show that our Blast Off tournament never disappoints and the dogs run awesome at it. We seeded this one so close together and it made for outstanding racing in every single division. We are always grateful to all the teams that join us at our tournaments but really enjoy it when we see so many out of region/Province visitors, especially the first timers, and hope they all enjoyed themselves and come back. We got lucky with the weather, it was not blazing hot like this tournament has a history of and the rain held off until later on Sunday. Big congratulations to our award winners. We hand out the Radar award at this tournament and Aaron is extremely picky as to which dog gets this award. This year it was given to Jones, a Border Collie on Fur Fun owned by Benjamin Hill. This was a no brainier once we saw her, she looked awesome and we could not help but notice her. We also awarded the Don Newton Award (sportsmanship) to Canine Mutiny. If it was not for them, New England Trailblazers would not have been able to come due to an unexpected work schedule change for one of their few members that could come and they stepped up to make sure they could get in on all this fun with the rest of us. The Sabre Award was given to Some Ruff Competition for winning the Multi division. The Woody Cup was given to Spring Loaded for winning Regular 1. We personally want to thank the Instant Replay kids (Heather, Hannah, Hailey and Colin) for helping us out by running our head table. Without them there was no way we would have been able to run our 8 teams which would have sucked since we wanted in on the great racing as well. The Ball Snatchers also stepped up and helped us out so we are very grateful to them as well.

As for our teams, they all ran great. The A team is getting better and better every time out and are hitting consistent 15.4’s. We had a few 15.3’s with spit balls so it is just a matter of time. Vixen and Pressure were on fire and ran great. Method, Shabang and Hippie also debuted on the A team and showed us why they deserve to be there, they looked great sharing the start position. The Positive Pups dogs were finally done their 87 day waiting period and we were able to run all our line ups as we want them for CanAm. Multi B continues to run great and was hitting 15’s every race. The Pressure/Meadow pups continue to absolutely amaze us and we could not be happier with them. We have taken our time with these pups and it is paying off since they ran awesome this weekend while in their new line ups.

We are right back at it this weekend at the SRC tournament. Due to back to back weekends, we only entered 4 teams. Multi A and B are in so we are excited to see what they do. We also entered two more teams to give the pups some more running time. After SRC we have two weekends off and then we are at The Ball Snatchers tournament for one last tournament to run the line ups before we head to CanAm a few weeks later.

July 25, 2011

Our 4th Annual July tournament at the Ancaster Fair Grounds is over and it went great. The air conditioning was very much appreciated. We were happy to see our Region 1 visitors Canine Express join us for the weekend and hope they come back for some more Region 2 hospitality soon. The A team sat this one out and we ran the two Multi teams instead. Multi A did very well and was hitting 15.6 all the time. The new Multi B team continues to gel together and gets better every time out. The new regular B line up looked great in Open 1 and was running mid to high 15’s all weekend.

Two weeks ago we were at Instant Replay’s July Tournament. As always they did a great job hosting and we always enjoy attending their tournaments. The A team ran decent and hit many 15.5’s over the weekend. The new B team line up looked great for their first time out and took a 15.6 off the clock with many 15.7’s throughout the weekend. Multi B is coming together nicely and with some more running we think they will be where we want them to be. All the other teams continue to come together but with the Pressure/Meadow pups still very green, they took priority to get them going so some of the teams did not place. But the pups look awesome and we are very happy with their progression and are looking forward to the future with them. Couple weeks off and then it’s the big one, our 16th Annual Blast Off tournament. We have teams coming from all directions with many out of Province ones making the trip to Binbrook. It is looking like it will be an awesome weekend of racing.

June 24, 2011

We hosted our 6th Annual Summer Bash at the Ancaster Fair Grounds this past weekend and it could not have gone better. The weather was awesome and the air conditioned building had the dogs running outstanding. Heard many teams cheering for new team or dog best times all weekend. We gave the Gail Chase Award to Paul Scea from High Flyers and the Macey Award went to Focus from Push This who is owned by Sharon Hunter. Our Pressure/Meadow and Ghetto/Sever pups are running awesome already and it has us very excited. They all were taking 3.7’s and 3.8’s off the clock. Multi team continues to run consistent 15.5’s. Couple weeks off and then we have the Instant Replay tournament at the Caledonia Fair Grounds. Very excited for that since all the A team dogs will be healthy and good to go.

June 13, 2011

Awesome weekend of racing at Instant Replay’s 21st Annual Caledonia tournament. The weather was great and the hosts did an awesome job as always. The Blue team came out flying and hit a new personal best of 15.4 in their first race on Saturday. The Multi B team continues to run outstanding and hit a 15.8 as well. The puppies (Drive, Enzo, Semeye and Method) did so well and we are getting excited to see what they will do once they get a few more tournaments under them. Taz continues to turn people’s heads and the little Chihuahua took at 5.3 off the clock in a pass with room in only his 4th tournament, this guy is a freak of nature for a Chihuahua and we are bound and determined to get a 4 second time off him this year. Of course when you have a Chihuahua running those times, you can rock the two Chihuahua line up again and win races. We managed to place with a lot of the teams but more importantly the dogs for the most part all survived the weekend without injuries which is always the main goal and should all be good to go next weekend as we host our 6th Annual June tournament at the Ancaster Fair Grounds. This is the one where we honour Gail Chase as well as Macey and hand out awards in their name. Two very important parts of our history and are dearly missed every day. “A” team and Blue team are sitting this one out and will not race again until Instant Replay’s July tournament in 4 weeks.

May 23, 2011

We had an awesome weekend at the Hot Diggity Dogs tournament in Trenton, Ontario. It was their Grand Finale for that venue which we are very disappointed to hear since we have always loved that place and looked forward to going there every year. As was the case last year, the weather was great and just added to the already party atmosphere that this weekend always has. The teams ran great and the Blue team set a new personal best with a 15.693 in their last race of the day on Saturday. The Open won open 1 which was not expected since we were the last seed and had some very fast teams in our division. Sandi was pretty happy about that and we sent her up to get the awards since it does not happen too often with Chippy's team. We also received a Sportsmanship award which is very much appreciated and not expected. We got 2 weekends off and then we are right back at it with Instant Replay's tournament in Caledonia. We will be there in full force and are excited to see what our teams will do since they have been running so well at the last few tournaments.

May 2, 2011

Our 7th Annual Spring Fling tournament is over and it went awesome. Great weather, finally, on Saturday but not so much on Sunday and it rained most of the day. Despite this, everyone was in good spirits and racing moved along at a good pace. We heard of a few new personal bests by some of our guests and we could not be happier for them. Our A team ran a new personal best as well. They did a 15.40 in their first race on Sunday. DriveBy ran in his first races with great results and his liter mate Semeye got into a few races as well and looks just as good. We are very excited to get these guys, Method and Enzo as well, going and see what they will do. The Bronze team ran a new personal best with an 18.68. Fame and Ollie (Sever/Ghetto) have been great additions to that Bronze team and continue to look awesome despite it only being their 4th tournament. Taz and Meg were the other dogs in that line up. Unfortunately Feral and Ollie got hurt and were only able to run a couple races on Saturday, but we rocked the two Chihuahua line up for the remainder of the day and on Sunday with some surprising results and were still able to take some wins off a few teams. We have two weeks off and then we head to region 20 for the final Hot Diggity Dogs tournament in Trenton. We always loved this tournament and are disappointed to hear this will be the last one.

April 19, 2011

We have finally dried off and warmed up after some rather odd spring weather at the Border Patrol tournament this past weekend. BP put on a great tournament as always and we look forward to going back next year. DriveBy and Semeye (Pressure/Meadow litter) made their debuts. Although we limited them to just warm ups, they looked good and we are excited to get them going. Payne (Mal) also debuted with the club and looked very good, she will be a valuable asset to the Multi team. Fly also debuted with us but will still continue to help out our friends on Red Rockets for the time being. Angela and Hippie were given one of the biggest honour's in Region 2 and were awarded the Flash award by Border Patrol. They join some outstanding company of dogs that have been named over the years which also includes our very own Shayla many years ago. Ollie and Pete continue to do great learning the sport together and looked awesome this weekend in their second tournament. The teams all ran great and are progressing towards our end goals that we have set for them. We are happy to have the Region 2/Ontario summer racing season begin and we get to compete in tournaments more often. We are off to Hamburg NY next weekend for the Buffalo Wings tournament with a small crew.

March 19, 2011

The new Multi line up comes out flying in their first race and hits a new personal best of 15.51 with room at the SRC tournament. That is the second fastest Multi breed time in the world.

March 11, 2011

The long winter months with no tournaments are almost over. We have been using this time to work on our line ups, get our puppies ready to race as well as work on our little issues we had with any dogs last year. We went to the Unleashed tournament in Brampton last month to work on these and had a very successful weekend. Brittany and Vixen have fit in like they have been here for years and we are so happy to have them. Just this past weekend we hosted our second annual winter tournament and despite the weather (pouring rain on Friday and Saturday only to have it freeze up over night and have a good dumping of snow greeting us Sunday morning) and the very long days due to 40 teams being entered, we all survived and had a good time. We also got Fame some mat time which will be beneficial in the long run. Nancy continues her transition to becoming a full time dog AND Taz debuted due to some unfortunate circumstances due to two dogs getting hurt on his team throughout the weekend so what was only planning on being warm ups turned into a bit more then we planned. He did great and not sure anybody else can say this but we had both Chihuahua's in the same line up for the last race of the weekend. The A and Multi did not run because Aaron and Kelly were in London, England doing a flyball seminar but the Multi will be ready to go for next weekend at the SRC tournament next weekend. After that, we got a few weeks of practice then the busy Spring/Summer season begins. We are very excited to see what we got and get these teams and our upcoming puppies going. Hope to see you out there and would love for you to come by and say hi.

January 31, 2011

We feel very honoured that the NAFA community voted Shayla in to the Hall of Fame and can not thank you enough. Her and Radar did so much for us back in our early years and we most certainly never would have accomplished what we did without them. So once again, THANK YOU!!!

October 11, 2010

We are back from the NAFA CanAm Championships and ............ we are the Multi Champions!!! Our dogs and handlers (Vivid/Brittany, Glitch/Natasha, Jamone/Kelly and Pressure, Meadow/Aaron) were on fire all day and ran lights out awesome. They set a new personal best along the way with a 15.74. Our A team made it all the way to the CanAm Regular finals as well but did not have enough in the tank to beat a very fast Spring Loaded team. The experience of our handlers (Kelly/Icon, Little Dave/Hoochie, Ron/Witness and Aaron/Pressure) was on display all weekend and carried us all the way to the finals against some very fast teams in the races leading up to the finals. It did not end here, all our teams were on fire and the Blue team won the CanAm Classic Regular 1 Championship. The team (Crank/Natasha, Sever/Aaron, Urban/Meghan S and Motive/Ron) ran the table and went undefeated in the round robin and faced our good friends Top Dog Racers in the finals. We are extremely happy and proud of our results this past weekend. This weekend was a product of a lot of team work and dedication from every single one of our members, including Positive Pups, throughout the past year. We would like to thank all of our supporters at the event, we heard you and that made us feel so good knowing we had you all behind us. We also want to give a shout out to all our supporters that watched online, we were told how many of you were cheering for us and we really do appreciate it. We would also like to thank NAFA for putting on such an incredible event and feel honoured to have been given the chance to compete against the best teams in the world. Now most teams would take a break for a few weeks after all this excitement and hard work, not us, a few of us are headed to the Buffalo Wings tournament next weekend in Batavia and we go right back at it Tuesday night with our puppy practice.

September 27, 2010

After a very busy summer, we finally have time to update the site. Everything has been updated and here is a bit of a run down of what we have been up to. We have continued to get our green dogs running and they continue to show a lot of promise. They are being placed into the line ups which meant changing up a few line ups. In July as always we attended Instant Replay's Kitchener tournament at the Bingaman's Campground. Always a good time since a lot of teams stay in the camp ground which makes for good times. The Multi ran awesome that weekend and set a new best time of 15.90. In July we also hosted our annual tournament which was at the Ancaster Fair Grounds this year. It is always a bonus when you can run in Air Conditioning. Everyone seems to love this venue so we will continue to use it. The tournament went off without a hitch and the dogs ran very well. In August we host our Blast Off tournament and this year was the 15th Anniversary. As always it lived up to the hype and many of the top teams showed up to test each other out as well as many out of region teams came back to say hi. Despite the heat wave we had that weekend, it made for some outstanding racing and the dunk tank after racing gave all our competitors a chance to send us swimming. Tammy Frank from Instant Replay as well as NAFA's Executive Director Lee Heighton were kind enough to jump up on the chair as well which made for some good times. At the beginning of September we got the rare opportunity to all be together outside of flyball and get all dolled up as we attended Dave and Kelly's wedding. Anybody that knows our two teams does not need to be told how much fun this day was going to be, it was a great day and we even managed to somehow practice the next day but it obviously did not start on time or go as long as they normally do. This past weekend we attended Unleashed annual Fall Classic at the Brampton Fair Grounds. We used it as a final tune up before we head to the CanAm in two weeks. The multi team had a few dogs get banged up on Saturday so they went FEO just to be safe and not take the chance of those dogs not being available for CanAm. Despite this, it was a very fun weekend because we only entered 5 teams (3 RR, 2 PP) so it made for a lot of down time which was filled with many laughs. So now we have a couple more practices to get us ready for the CanAm and then off we go to test ourselves against the best NAFA has to offer. We are so excited and can not wait!

June 23, 2010

Here comes two updates in one. Two weeks ago we were in Caledonia at the Instant Replay tournament and came away with a lot of positives. The Multi set a new best time with a 16.12 and the A team got back on track with a 15.5. We ran all our teams so all the pups got some action and came away with a lot of valuable ring time. We had what is becoming our annual wings dinner with the whole team after racing on Saturday which as always made for a ton of laughs.

This past weekend we were at the Positive Pups tournament in Ancaster. We only ran 3 teams which one was the Multi and once again for the second tournament in a row, they set a new best time with a 16.01. The pups were the priority on this one and they all got into a few races. Placements were not the goal for this one as the pups always take priority but we still managed to place with all the teams.

May 24, 2010
We just got back from the Hot Diggity Dogs tournament in Trenton and could not have had better time. Went with only two teams and the Green team managed to pull out a second place finish in Open 1. Rumors had a dog go down so that screwed things up a bit but they managed to take 3rd in Open 1. Vivid had a great weekend and was flying down the mats with consistent 3.8's in start. The weather was perfect and the Trent river beside the arena made for a great place to cool the dogs off as well as swim the back up and tag along dogs during the breaks. We always look forward to this tournament and can't wait to go back next year.

May 10, 2010

Our tournament is over and thank god we survived. The weather did not co operate with us very much and made for some interesting as well as frustrating times. But despite that and the placement awards not being delivered on time, it went off very well. The Ancaster Fair Grounds continues to be a hit despite the weather sucking every time we go there. The Multi team set a new best time and all the green dogs got lots of warm up time and a few even got into a couple races. We have a weekend off and then a few of us are headed to Trenton for a relaxing weekend with only two teams entered.

April 6, 2010

We are back from the Revolution tournament in Pennsylvania and had a great time. The best part of any traveling tournament is the time spent together while away from the tournament. As usual, tons of laughs and many stories to tell in the future. Little Dave was in fine form and kept us all laughing at every dinner. We went with a few pups so the main goal of the tournament was to get them going which was very successful. The placement results were not what we would have hoped for but even that did not ruin what was otherwise a great weekend. We look forward to going back next year and spending more time with our Pennsylvania friends.

January 25, 2010

It's with mixed emotions that I update the web site. On one hand we went to the Unleashed one day tournament this past week end to give the young dogs some running time and could not be happier with the results despite a second place finish in Regular 1. Baliztic looked awesome in her first tournament and we are so excited at what she will give us. But on the other hand, we had to say good bye to Shayla on January 25. Go to the In Memory page to read more about her and everything she did for us.

January 17, 2010

We feel very honoured that the NAFA community voted Radar in to the Hall of Fame and can not thank you enough. He did so much for us back in our early years and we most certainly never would have accomplished what we did without him. He truly was one of a kind and we will never be able to replace him. His legacy lives on in his puppies who are doing just an outstanding job as he always did. So once again, THANK YOU!!!

November 24, 2009

We took two teams to the Spirit Catchers tournament with the main goal being to work on some of our younger dogs. Well the young dogs did great and we came away with first place in Regular 1 and Open 1. We are now on a break from tournaments for a few months and will use this time to work with our pups/young dogs and get them into their spots in the line ups for next year.

November 1st, 2009

New web site is unleashed. We can not thank Dawn Sullivan enough for all her work. She did an awesome job and we highly recommend her!!!!

October 19th, 2009

We are back from the Buffalo Wings tournament in Batavia NY and can not complain with a second place finish in Open 1. We had a bit of a set back Sunday but we managed to keep it all together and had a great time.

October 6th, 2009

Well the results were not what we were hoping for at the 2009 CanAm Classic but I guess you can not complain about a fourth place finish considering how great the competition was. We managed to qualify 4 of the 5 teams we took for the CanAm finals on Sunday. Congrats to our friends on Instant Replay and Spring Loaded for their wins in Regular and Multi. NAFA did an absolutely wonderful job and we can not wait to go back next year.

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