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The Macey Award is awarded to the rescue dog that best displays Macey's love for the game and defied all odds and excelled with its new owner. The award is named after Angela Decker's awesome rescue dog Macey who passed away very suddenly on September 13 2009.

Here is a list of the awesome rescue dogs we have presented the award:

2016 - Gracie (Mix - Hard Drive)
2015 - Jazzy J (Mix - Hot Diggity Dogs)
2014 - Dizzy (Mix - Extreme Chaos)
2013 - Ronin (Doberman Pinscher - CCIA)
2012 - Zildjian (Dutch Shepherd - Canine Express)
2011 - Focus (Mix - Push This)
2010 - Burbon (Mix - Hot Diggity Dogs)

Macey Award 2010

Macey Award 2012

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