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Gail and Action

GailGail joined our team in Decemeber of 2003 and left us way to early on March 13, 2007. She was the definition of the perfect team mate. We never heard her complain and was always the first one to jump up when work needed to be done. She was our box loader and never screwed up or missed a race. She was very proud of her daughter, Brittany, their dogs and about being a member of the team. She always had a big smile on her face while Brittany and Action were running and loved to talk about her. She will never be replaced and we miss her every day. Elektra was just a pup when she left us and was to be her dog to run so we think of her every time we see Lex go.


GailIn her honor, we present the Gail Chase Award at our Blast Off tournament. It is presented to the person that best displays Gail's dedication, heart and sportsmanship towards the sport of flyball.


Gail Award



Here are the people we have presented the award to:

2007 – Terry Simpson and June Kirk
2008 – Marty Murdock (Instant Replay)
2009 – Steve Diedrich (Zippity Do Dogs)
2010 - Gord Bradley (Dog-On-It)
2011 - Paul Scea (High Flyers)
2012 - Bill Bootle (The Ball Snatchers)
2013 - Wendy Grandman (Red Rockets)
2014 - Matt Goodyear (Extreme Chaos)
2015 - Suzanne Brown
2016 - Daro Lin (The Ball Snatchers)

2009 Rocket Relay Flyball